Community Bible Church - 10 AM -
69 East 3rd Street -Childcare provided 
Our morning starts with coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in a nice warm cup, with lots of fellowship.
Next comes the worship music. We have different worship teams, so the style can vary a bit. The message is brought to us by several different preachers, but is always centered on the Word of God.
Then we would love to have you hang around for more coffee and fellowship following the service.
Along with music we observe other forms of worship during the service:
The Prayer Tree - On the side wall where prayers and praises can be posted or read and prayed over.
Communion - Communion is located on the side tables and can be taken every Sunday and/or altogether the 1st and 3rd Sunday every month.
Monetary Offerings - Offering plates are also located on the side tables (we do not pass the plate, or anticipate offerings from anyone but our regular attendees).
Community Meals - On the fifth Sunday of a month (when there is one) we dedicate our meeting time to worship music and sharing a meal together, provided by the leadership. - - (507) 312-9070