Our Mission:

The Mission of Community Bible Church Is: To Make Disciples Who Make Disciples.

Our Purpose:

The Purpose of Community Bible Church Is: To Love God: Loving and Serving Each Other, Growing in Faith and Engaging Our Community With the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Existence:

We stand together with a firm conviction that God has called the Body of Believers, known as Community Bible Church, to Partner with Him in leading people outside and inside our doors and into a growing relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. This means taking people where they are and moving them to where they need to be in Christ. Therefore, everything we do at CBC is anchored in and measured against our Mission: Making Disciples of Jesus Christ. We want to be living out our Mission and Purpose Statement, every day, with all we do! We desire to be people living as Jesus did, which means busting out our doors and being out on the streets in our Community and building relationships with those around us.

Foundation of our Faith:

The Bible:
We believe the Bible is the Inspired Word of God.

We believe in One God, Existing in Three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ:
We believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son and that He Died and Rose Again.

Holy Spirit:
We believe that the Holy Spirit Permanently Indwells Every Believer the Moment he is Saved.

We believe in the Existence of Satan as a Personal Being and a Fallen Angelic Creature of God.

We believe that All Men are Born with a Sin Nature and Need Salvation.

We believe that the Salvation God has Provided is by Grace Through Faith Alone in Jesus Christ.

The Church:
We believe that the Church is made up of All Born-Again Persons irrespective of their affiliation with Christian Organizations.

The Ordinances:
We believe that Jesus Christ Instituted Two Ordinances, which are to be Observed by All Believers until He returns – Water Baptism and The Lord’s Supper.

Second Coming of Christ:
We believe in the Personal Return of Jesus Christ for His Own, the Church.

Eternal State:
We believe in a literal Heaven and a literal Hell.

Christian Responsiblity:
We believe that Every Believer Should Live for the Glory of God.