Are you a regular attender at CBC? Consider joining!

Becoming a member at Community Bible Church is a responsibility and a commitment to live and love more like Jesus. We encourage our members to connect and build relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and other members of the church and larger Winona community. 

Membership also includes voting privileges at congregational meetings (typically annual) and opens up opportunities for certain leadership roles. We ask members to contribute your time, talent, and treasures to Community Bible Church and the work God is going through us in our community. 

How to Join? Meet with at least two Pastor-Elders and exchange stories about the work God has done in your life (your "testimony" for example) and discuss and answer any questions about our core values. For more information, contact any Pastor-Elder!


Why Give? 

Giving is an act of Worship to God. Giving is also an act of Blessing to those around you. Whether you give to CBC, a missionary abroad, or a person on the street in need, Jesus says to Give Generously.

How much should I give to CBC? 

This is ultimately decided between you and God. Remember that we are only stewards of God’s possessions, not owners. There is no Biblical "rule" except to give generously! 

Where does the money go? 

We strive to be efficient and frugal in our stewardship of these funds, and much of the work of the church is done for free by talented volunteers. Our budget is simple, but important. Even such basic details as paying our mortgage on time allows things like the Warming Center to stay open. Right now funds are distributed to operational expenses, building maintenence, Pastoral staff, and our various ministries like our Community Meals. 

How do I give?

In Person. Every Sunday, we make offering available along the sides of our gathering. You can give cash if you like or make a check payable to Community Bible Church.


Recommended: Electronic Bank Transfers (ACH or EFT) use your account number and routing number (found on the bottom of a check) to withdraw funds straight from your checking account weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Note: This method has the lowest fees besides cash.

Debit/Credit is another method that takes funds from whichever account the card is attached to. We don't recommend using credit if it puts you into debt or adds to existing debt, so consider this choice wisely. Note: It also charges the highest fees, regardless of Debit or Credit.

Text Giving: Simply text a dollar amount (example: "$50") to the number 84321. You will be prompted the first time to confirm any missing information or set up a giving profile. After that, you just text the dollar amount and hit send!

Give Now!