Membership to a local church is an important commitment. If you choose to be a member at Community Bible Church, you will become a partner in CBC’s purpose: love God through loving and serving others, growing in faith, and engaging the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you find yourself as a regular attender of CBC, we strongly encourage you to become a member. Do know that becoming a member at Community Bible Church is more than just signing up to give regularly or getting onto a mailing list. Your membership is a responsibility and a commitment to be living a life more like Jesus. We encourage our members to connect and build relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and other members of the church.

Membership does give voting privileges at congregational meetings. Membership can open the door for some volunteer leadership roles. We ask members to contribute your time, talent, and treasures to Community Bible Church. For more information about membership, contact an elder or pastor.


Giving is one of the ways to be involved with CBC and to make a difference in the community. Right now CBC is at an incredible point in its history. We are reshaping how we are being God’s church here in Winona. We are embarking on an adventure with moving to downtown and reshaping our ministries. We know that some questions come to mind when thinking about giving. We hope that the answers below will give some clarity.

Why should I give to CBC?
We ask you to join God in what He is doing. God is changing the lives of many people at Community Bible Church. God invites us to join Him by loving, serving, inviting, sharing our faith, and giving to the church. Giving can be a way to express your gratitude to God for all He has given to you. God asks us for generosity by sharing with others what He has given to us.

How much should I give to CBC?
It is our position that the answer to this question is ultimately decided between you and God. Remember that we are only stewards of God’s possessions, not owners. The tithe (or 10%) is often considered the “benchmark” for Biblical giving.

What should I be giving to?
Currently we are asking for our members and regular attendees to give to the weekly budget. In addition we are asking all to consider giving to the building fund. We are in the midst of renovating a downtown building located in Winona. It is our desire to see the building as one that serves the community in many different ways. Every dollar given gets us closer to seeing the downtown building completed and lives throughout the community touched and changed forever.