Community Bible Church

Pastor: Currently searching for a pastor to co-lead in a Pastor-Elder model church. God placing a desire in your heart to serve as the CBC pastor? Click on the APPLICATION LINK to learn more about CBC and complete the online application.

Preaching Ministry: Greg Fellman, Andrew Helms, Bob Kopitzke

Worship Ministry: Silas Bergen, Tim Boysen, Josie Deiss, Jordan Ogren

Elder Board: Greg Fellman, Bob Kopitzke

Deacons: Mark Boysen, Steve Burt, Michael Deiss, Kevin Sikkink

Ministry Leadership Teams:

  • Children Ministries: Sara Fellman
  • Student Ministries: Jill Burt, Greg Fellman 
  • Community Group Coordinator: Chris Perkins

Friday Night Ministry: Luke Mosiman, Valerie Parkins

VBS Summer Ministry: Sara Fellman

CBC Safety Director: Karen Fellman

  • Office: 

  • Administrative Assistant: Becky Stuckmayer

  • Community Bible Church: 507.312.9070