Beginning: In 1975, four Winona families met weekly for Bible Study, Prayer, and Community. Their gathering grew so they formed Berean Baptist Fellowship in July of that year.

In 1977, they took the name Berean Believers Church (BBC) of Winona, MN and the church continued to grow. They met in the Lincoln Christian Community Center after 1982, and in 1984 officially updated their name to Community Bible Church (CBC).They met at 901 West Broadway, where they would remain stable for almost twenty years.

CBC experienced a major transition in 2006 when they outgrew the building on West Broadway and instead moved deeper into the heart of Downtown Winona, where they purchased the 69 East Third Street location. The former department store needed a lot of reconstruction, renovation, and repair to make it into a home where the growing community could worship together. Everything from the roof to the heating to the stairwells and front windows had to be completely rebuilt, only to be destroyed again by fire, in 2011. The deliberate act of arson mostly caused smoke and water damge (from the sprinklers) but ultimately created an opportunity for the insurance company to cover the expense of final restoration, including new bathrooms, children's rooms and flooring. The final result was more beautiful than it had ever been, thanks to God's grace and the talent he'd provided members of the church.

In 2016, CBC partnered with Catholic Charities and began hosting the Winona Community Warming Center in its lower floor. With the help of hundreds of volunteers and local businesses, the larger Winona community came together to provide food and shelter for those in need during the winter months between November and March.

In 2017, CBC brought in Mike Johnston from all the way out in Portland, OR, to complete our team of Pastor-Elders. Mike represents the first time in many years a leader has joined us from outside our own community to continue the work God is doing here in Winona. 

CBC Today: The Pastor-Elder team of five continues to wrestle with carrying out God's vision for our church community as well as the larger Winona community around us. We use a rotation of speakers to relate with the many different kinds of people God has placed in our city. We continue to support the Warming Center as it grows. We look for new ways to connect with our neighbors. And we seek to grow closer to Jesus and each other as we study his teachings in the Bible, together.